elektromontāžas darbi

Professional Electrical Installation Works in Latvia

Our electrical installation team offers a wide range of electrical installation services, ensuring your power supply is safe, efficient, and reliable. Regardless of the project size – be it apartment renovation, office modernization, or electrical supply for industrial objects – we guarantee high-quality work and attention to detail. Entrust us with your electrical installation needs, and we will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


The electrical installation process begins with planning, followed by the installation of the power supply, wiring and equipment, testing, and final evaluation. Our specialists will ensure that each step is carried out precisely and safely.

Yes, we provide electrical supply installation in both private homes and other objects. Our team tailors the electrical installation to the client's needs and guarantees high-quality work.

We offer a warranty on all electrical installation works performed. Additionally, we adhere to all necessary safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of clients and employees.