• Address Via Jurmala Outlet Village, Jaunā iela 12, Piņķi, Latvija

Via Jūrmala Outlet Village

Welcome to the "Via Jurmala Outlet Village, Piņķi" project - this is a story of transformative work on the exterior of the building that has reshaped the cityscape and provided a unique shopping experience in the heart of Latvia. A significant part of this project involved exterior renovations that improved not only the store's appearance but also the quality of the surrounding environment.

The exterior makeover included meticulous planning and precise execution. Attention to detail was given to create a modern and aesthetically appealing exterior look.

Facades were completely refreshed and enhanced, incorporating both modern design elements and sustainable materials.

One of the most notable changes was the eco-friendly approach. This project incorporated green and environmentally friendly infrastructure. The indoor and outdoor areas of "Via Jurmala Outlet Village" became greener, with plants and landscaping that improved air quality and contributed to the creation of a harmonious cityscape.

All of this was done in accordance with the highest sanitary standards. Each store in this project is equipped with individual ventilation and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and safe shopping experience at all times.