• Address Viking Street, Jurmala

Viking Street, Jurmala

Welcome to the project 'Viking Street 27, Jurmala' - one of our pride projects that showcases our ability to execute high-quality home construction from start to finish. This project was a challenge, and we are proud of the result.

Our team began with the design of the house and its internal layout, taking into account the client's wishes and requirements. We have used modern design elements to create a unique home that fits seamlessly into the Jurmala landscape.

From the start of the house construction, we used high-quality materials to ensure a durable and energy-efficient building. Our experts supervised each construction phase to guarantee a high-quality outcome.

But the "Viking Street 27, Jurmala" project didn't stop with the building construction. We also carried out comprehensive interior and exterior renovation works to give the house a final touch of finish and comfort. From floor to ceiling, we provided modern interior design choices, installed high-quality plumbing, and performed all the necessary electrical installations.

The result is a house that combines style, comfort, and quality. This project is a testament to how our experience and responsive team can create a special place that feels like home.