• Address Villa Milia, Dzirnavu prospekts 21, Jūrmala, Latvija

Villa Milia, Jurmala

Welcome to the 'Villa Milia, Jūrmala' project – it's everything you could want from an elegant home construction project that surpasses all standards. This project is a true collectable example of real estate without any competition. It's beyond the market and always in demand and valuable.

Unlike the usual four-storey new projects in Jūrmala, this building has only three floors, ensuring high ceilings. The first two floors have a ceiling height of 3.50 metres, while the third floor reaches 3.80 metres. This allows for a great sense of space and the use of rooms for creative design solutions.

The project includes 15 apartments, and potential owners have the opportunity to merge apartments and make necessary renovations, tailoring the layout to their desires. Each apartment has access to terraces, providing an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

The first floor has a special significance, offering an extensive area from 50 to 150 m2, which can be tailored to individual needs and offers even more opportunities for this property location.

Residents of Villa Milia have access to modern solutions, including underfloor heating elements, individual heating, and a communal gas boiler room. Additionally, there's convenient parking with two spaces for each apartment, ensuring comfort and convenience.

This project is an exemplar of excellent design, quality, and lifestyle, providing a high standard of living.