• Address Sila street 44, Spunciems

Sila street 44, Spunciems

Welcome to the project "Sila Street 44, Spuņciems" – one of our exceptional projects, created using barn house style design. This project is an example of how our team can carry out house construction from A to Z, giving it a unique style and character.

Our team started with detailed planning, incorporating barn house style elements that mark this project. Every material and design element was carefully chosen to create a special atmosphere characteristic of the barn house style.

From the outset of the house construction, we used high-quality materials to ensure durability and energy efficiency, crucial for homes in Latvia's climate. We ensured meticulous supervision at every construction phase.

However, the "Sila Street 44, Spuņciems" project was not just about house construction. We also provided comprehensive interior and exterior work renovations to implement barn house style design elements. From floor to ceiling, we offered modern interior and exterior design choices to create a home that reflects a contemporary lifestyle, encompassing the traditional barn house design mood.

The result is a unique home that combines tradition and modern comfort. This project serves as a benchmark for barn house style house construction, showcasing our outstanding work and design skills.